This post by Edward Vielmetti suggests that Google+ is to Twitter as Usenet is to IRC

It got me thinking about what “web social tool” I need and whether Google+ is what I am waiting for.

For the last week I’ve been a light Google+ user.  I’ve “circled” a couple dozen people; I’ve post one or two things; I scan the feeds.  I must confess I don’t get it yet.  I haven’t figured out what role it plays among RSS feeds (I’m an avid Reader user), emails, Twitter, Facebook (and increasingly, LinkedIn).

Google+ is people centric.  I don’t want more people centric services–I have enough of that.  I want topic centric.  If I read a good post about social TV on a “friends” feed–be that Twitter, FB or Google+–I want (immediately!) to get plugged into the ‘social TV topic stream” independently of who posted it.

Maybe, what I want is already fulfilled by Google.  All I have to do search for “social TV” and I will get all I wanted to know but was afraid to ask.  But that’s not how it works; we all know the problem with noise and spam.  Ultimately, the best quality filter is experts.

This is why I think Klout and/or PeerIndex could be revolutionary.  As far as I can tell, they are the only ones who are trying to tell me “look at this post from this person because they are the de facto experts in the topic that interests you.”

All in all, either I haven’t figured out how to use Google+ or it’s not what I’ve been waiting for.