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That MTV reaches more people than MySpace ought to be piece of non-news. But, I thought otherwise after being told for months of the enormity of MySpace and other social networks; in learning that Tom Freston was fired as head of MTV for failing to acquire MySpace (from Murdoch the arch-rival) is surprising to find out that MTV still reaches a lot more people:


– The TV data comes from Nielsen via their Npower system and Carat Insight. Every 12-24 year old who spent at least 6 minutes watching the TV channel during the period 26th June and 30th July 2006 is included. The average minutes watched per month is based on viewing only by those counted as part of the reach.

– The web data comes from Comscore for the month of July 2006. The reach % of ALL 12-24 year olds in the US was calculated dividing Comscore estimates for absolute number of visitors by the number of 12-24 year olds

Yes, brands should have an online strategy for their business and advertisement, but only in addition to their other activities. Another piece of non-news? Well, maybe it’s the circle of people I’m with, but I increasingly hear the “brick is dead, long live click” cheer common in 1999. ”All in moderation son,” is what I say.

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